Ekahau Positioning Engine 4. By default, the Engine logs all system warnings and errors. Delete Deletes tag from the tag list. To add a new group, follow the Create a New Tag Group link. Parameter Purpose Movement Frequency If motion sensor is enabled in the configuration profile enter the estimated number of motion events per hour or per day. Parameters set during the installation can be edited later by running a separate Configuration Utility.

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Your use of the Ekahau software described in this user manual and its documentation are governed by the terms set forth in your license ekahzu.

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System Configuration 4 System Configuration 4. Select the firmware image in the Firmware update section and click Set button Chapter 3. The contents of this document are provided “as is. Upload the firmware image file.

The tags can be assigned into groups to support various tag management and deployment activities. A group list displays the group names and the number of tags assigned to each of them.

Tags should be able to roam between access points at an RSSI value of dBm or better for the strongest access point. Click Upload to upload the file After uploading the firmware image file the update can be initiated through the tag properties page. Click model the file name in the Positioning Models list 2. Maximum length for the name is 30 characters.


Edit the correct Wi-Fi network security parameters into the text file. Tag groups can help you to manage and monitor the tags before and after the tags ekxhau been nic-4.

The default configuration is defined here. The motion sensitivity profile should match the use case, and should be tested with each tracked asset type, so that an optimal number of events is generated. The user can upload and store many model files in the Ekahau Positioning Engine database, but only one positioning model and optionally presence model can be active at a time.

Buzzer duration can be selected from the drop-down menu. Note that by default only snmp. Database restore cannot be cancelled nor reverted.

The Tags must be able to maintain a continuous network connection during the roaming process without a change in IP address, drop of network connectivity, or change in WLAN security parameters. Each tag can be named by the asset or individual associated with the tag.

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Supported Adapters Presented here is a partial list of the wireless adapters that are supported by VisiWave Site Survey. The location is highlighted in orange color if the engine has received successive location update events but the location estimates have failed to meet the requirements.

The tag list will highlight the tag in red color if the tag has failed to apply and acknowledge the selected commands. The Send Commands button below the command list nic-544 the selected commands.

P Restore database from the file: There are two operational modes available: Write each command on a separate line. By clicking the positioning model name, a properties page is displayed File Name The name of the uploaded file.


If you have a database backup file created with the earlier EPE version you want to install, this backup file should be copied to “backup” folder created under the destination install folder. The number of the most recent tags can be configured through the configuration files.

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The Web browser asks for the user credentials when the system is accessed. This user guide helps you in understanding how to install and use nkc-54 EPE. This limit can be set e,ahau the epe. The user may also set a default configuration that is automatically associated with all new tags connect- ing with the Ekahau Positioning Engine service for the first time.

Ekahau Positioning Engine 36 Old Firmware Notification After you have uploaded a new tag nix-54 to the system, the EPE will check the firmware version of all compatible tags and notifies you if there are tags with older firmware version in the system.

No Location Lists the tags that have completed a maintenance call, but have not been located by the system so far.